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What a Difference a Blind makes....

Battered, Beaten and Bruised - that is the state of some blinds we have seen recently.

Just like doors, blinds can be opened and closed multiple times in one day. Blinds are intricate and more fragile than a large wooden doors, and as such damage can easily happen if care is not taken.

This picture is of a aluminium venetian blind was in a kitchen window at a rented flat in Didsbury, Manchester,

After a call from the landlord, Leo called at the property to measure the window and the landlord chose a sample for the replacement blind. The blind was then made to measure and finally fitted - all under 1 week (less than 7 days!)

And as the title of this post suggest: What a Difference a Blind makes....

Before: a damaged aluminium venetian blind.

After: a bespoke white wooden venetian blind.

The new blind transforms the kitchen into a modern crisp and light working space. This blind was supplied and fitted for under £110.00

If you have broken blinds or dilapidated blinds which need replacing / renewing, get in touch today!

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